What is UTM Code and How to Use It?

//What is UTM Code and How to Use It?

What is UTM Code and How to Use It?

Measuring is at the center of assessing marketing campaigns. Especially for online marketing processes, we can understand which campaigns turned into leads only by determining and analyzing traffic source. UTM code is an important procedure that helps you to measure the effect of your marketing strategies.

UTM codes are special codes that is added at the end of page URL and they are great tools for measuring the performance of your marketing activities. With the help of UTM codes, you can measure the success of a campaign link. Then, you can analyze these data on Google Analytics.

A UTM code looks like this: http://qudea.com/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=New+Year

UTM starts after a question mark (?). There are two parts that initially takes our attention in a UTM code. UTM parameter and tracking variable. UTM parameter is the part which starts with utm_. Tracking variable represents the actual data you are looking after. In this example, there are two tracking variables. First one is “social”, meaning social media. The other is the campaign name New Year.

As we got the glimpse of UTM code’s structure, now we can look at what we can track with UTM code;

It is possible to look for five different parameters with a UTM code;

  1. Source,
  2. Medium,
  3. Campaign,
  4. Content,
  5. Term,

You can use only one of these parameters or prefer to use all of them. It is up to you. As you create your UTM code by adding parameters of your wish, you can start tracking from Google Analytics.

How to create UTM codes?

UTM code structure can actually be created manually. However, when you consider number of parameters and possibility of human error, tools are better ways of creating UTM codes. For instance, Google URL builder is a great tool which enables you to create UTM codes easily. All you need is entering your website’s address, defining campaign source and other parameters. Then, you get UTM code immediately.

We got the logic of UTM and understood how to create it. Yet, what we can use UTM for;

1. To understand where the traffic comes from

With UTM, you can understand whether a traffic comes from social media, search or referral. By looking at what comes after utm_source, you can proceed your analysis on Google Analytics.

2. To understand which link works better

It is important for your campaigns’ success that which of links to a page made more people to visit the site. Utm_content parameters enables you to measure effects of different links.

3. To measure traffic for different campaigns

To develop your marketing strategies, you need to be sure of which campaigns work better. With utm_campaign parameter, you can create different UTMs for each campaign and enable comparisons.

4. A/B testing different contents

By using UTM parameters, you can measure the success of two different contents which have the same goal. Let say you have used the phrase “Use just now” in one ad and “Try it for free” in the other. With utm_content parameter, you can compare these two expressions and improve your marketing processes through effective contents.

Let’s investigate couple of UTM codes that are actually used;

E-mail Signature

&utm_medium=email&utm_source=signature&utm_campaign=email+signature& utm_content=Employee+Name

With a UTM code like this, you can get the ability to measure the effect of your e-mail campaigns. For instance, with UTM codes of e-mails you have sent, you can track which employee’s e-mail turned into a lead.



In this link, there are medium, source, campaign and content parameters. This means that you can track specific details about campaigns that you sent thorough e-mails to a newsgroup. Thus, you can analyze the success of your campaigns. For instance, utm_campaign parameter enables you to compare different campaigns.

Social media sharing


In a similar sense, you can also analyze social media campaigns by creating related parameters. In this example, there is also utm_term parameter. This gives you an ability to analyze the effect of a keyword term.

To conclude,

UTM tracking paves the way for improving marketing efforts through the ability of measuring necessary components. By using UTM efficiently, you can develop marketing campaigns and increase your leads.

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